Where We Treat Our Agents Like Family!



$99 Annually - ​80/20 Commission Spits

For a low membership fee of $99/yr, you can keep your license active and keep 80% of your commission!  Plan renews every January 1st.   


We Cover E & O Insurance 

As part of your membership fee, you will receive E & O coverage through Family Value Realty, LLC as long as you are one of our licensed member!  This will satisfy the mandatory state requirement.  


No REALTOR®, Office or Monthly MLS Fees

We are a boutique brokerage and all of our agents work from home.  This allows us to keep our prices low and not charge any unnecessary fees.  We are Real Estate professionals, Agents and Associate Brokers.  We are NOT a member of any REALTOR® boards and our agents are NON-REALTORS®.  We are still however, licensed agents, able to conduct Real Estate transactions in the state of Iowa.


Re-Join Your REALTOR® Brokerage Anytime

We are here to keep your license active so you can continue to engage in Real Estate transactions and get paid!  You are free to leave and go back to becoming a REALTOR® at anytime.  We actually encourage it.  But for now, as a licensed ACTIVE Real Estate Agent, you will have the ability to refer to REALTORS® and collect a commission anywhere in the country or work directly with buyers and/or sellers in the state of Iowa.  You can do everything a REALTOR® can do except list and have access to the MLS.  



Q: What is a Iowa Non-REALTOR® Brokerage?

Iowa Code Section 543B.34A(3) clearly states - If an investigation pursuant to this section reveals that an unlicensed person has assumed to act in the capacity of a real estate broker or real estate salesperson, the commission shall issue a cease and desist order, and shall impose a civil penalty of up to the greater of ten thousand dollars or ten percent of the real estate sale price.

In an effort to prevent this from happening to you, we created a brokerage that can keep you licensed ACTIVE so you can continue to engaged in Real Estate!  Our brokerage is not a member of the Realtor Association or Board therefore, associates are not required to pay any MLS fees or Realtor dues. When you re-activate your Iowa Real Estate License from inactive  to active status with us, you can continue your Real Estate career and regain your ability to collect a commission in the process!

Q: How long does it take to activate or transfer my Iowa license with you?

Short answer, it takes about a week.  Once you fill out the enrollment form on our website and pay the fee, you will receive a copy of our E&O policy so you can include it with your application for the state.  You must log into your agent account with the state of Iowa and request your license be transferred to Family Value Realty, LLC.  Once you have completed that process and been approved, they will send us the request and we will activate you immediately.  

Q: Can I start working right after the transfer of my Iowa real estate license?

Yes, you may begin marketing yourself for success.

Q: Is your $99 membership fee only required when I register with you?

This registration fee is required when you initially register with us and every January 1 thereafter to keep your license in active status with our brokerage. The fee is non-refundable even if you should decide to leave to another brokerage within a year, or upgrade your plan. Iowa State licensing renewal fees including continuing education requirements are not included with this fee. No other hidden fees are required.

Q: Can I legally work in real estate without being a REALTOR®?

Yes, there is no obligation for a Iowa licensed associate to be a member of any Realtor association and pay dues as long as you work under a Non-Realtor brokerage. However, you can show listings on and other free accessible real estate websites. We’ll guide you on our Agent Secure Member's Area page on how to also list properties for sale (non-MLS)  or for rent and work with buyers in order to close transactions. You are entitled to work and be compensated with a current and active license including the right to earn referral fees and commission on commercial deals and builder's new construction sales transactions.

Q: What is the typical referral fee I can earn referring business?

The industry's standard referral fee is usually 25% of the gross commission earned by the brokerage you referred the customer to when the transaction closes.

Q: Will I be able to use the Iowa Association of Realtor, (IAR) forms?

No, IAR forms usually can only be used by its members; unless the form(s) has been already filled out by another Realtor Agent or new construction Builder's Associate. In this case you are permitted to work with these forms or contracts. We’ll provide forms in our Secured Member’s Area you may use to conduct successful transactions.  Currently we  only have referral forms but more will be available by July 1st, 2020.

Q: How do I submit documents such as an referral agreement for a transaction?

You will be able to easily submit a documents for your transaction online 24/7 via our Agent Secure Member's page.  This will permit us to review your required files or forms, agreements, etc. and communicate with you efficiently in order to stay compliant with Iowa law.

Q: Where do I deposit escrow funds?

We do not have an escrow account. You will make deposits on a timely basis to a title company/agent or an attorney of choice on a timely basis as required by Iowa Law..

Q: Will I get my commission paid at closing?

You will need to provide to our brokerage the closing agent’s information 48 hours prior to closing and we’ll request and authorize from them a direct disbursement of your commission to you at closing. So yes, in most cases you will get paid at closing. If for some reason this is not possible, we’ll pay you via e-check within 3 working days of our brokerage commission having been received and funds have cleared.

Q: How can I get my business cards to start marketing myself?

You will have access to our logos online via our Agent Secure Member's area on this site. You can design, order your business cards and marketing materials from any online printing company like Just upload our logo and personalize your card or marketing materials including real estate signs. Remember your title on your business card and or marketing materials must show as “Real Estate Sales Associate” and never "REALTOR®".

Q: Can I receive a commission on my own personal transaction?

Yes, you will receive 80% commission as well on your own transaction. Remember to disclose to the other party in writing that you are a licensed real estate sales associate as required by law.

Q: Do you provide prospect leads?

Generally, no. However, if we acquire a Iowa lead, it may be considered for assignment to an associate who we feel can best handle the lead according to the city and area. If you receive a lead notification via email, please reply immediately letting us know that you accept or reject the lead and that you will contact prospect immediately. If the lead is rejected, we’ll try to assign it to another associate immediately.

Q; Do you have any sales quotas or any other requirements?

No, you decide when you want to work as there are no transaction quotas and you set your own goals for success. Besides having a valid Iowa Real Estate license and joining our brokerage online by submitting the required membership fee; you are legally required by law to abide and respect Iowa Law and to conduct honest activity and protect your client’s best interest above all.

Q: Do I get to keep any listings I have with you if I leave your brokerage?

Yes, we operate as a non-compete broker and you may keep your clients and listings if you decide for some reason to leave our brokerage, unless a listing is on Pending Status.

Q: What if I have additional questions and or need help?

You can contact us via our site’s contact form or directly online via our Agent Secure Member's area or page once you have transferred your license to work with us.