​80%/20% PLAN
​$399 Annually

 This plan available for Agents of all levels.  New Agents, Experienced Agents and everyone in between.  Our annual payment is only $399/yr for our 80/20 plan to give agents a better opportunity to survive the upcoming Real Estate changes! 



​100% PLAN
$3,999 Annual Fee 

 This is for EXPERIENCED Agents/Brokers ONLY!!  No Monthly Fees!  No Commission Splits!  No Transaction Fees!  Just pay the FMLS Fee on closed transactions and tha's it!!  Our annual payment is only $3,999/yr  to give agents a better opportunity to survive the upcoming Real Estate storm! This is for GA residents Only. 



Georgia Real Estate Agents  - FAQ

Q: How will holding my license ACTIVE with you benefit me?


(b) It shall be unlawful for any person, directly or indirectly, to engage in or conduct the business of, or advertise or hold himself or herself out as engaging in or conducting the business of, or act in the capacity of, a licensee within this state without first obtaining a license as provided in this chapter unless such person is exempted from obtaining a license under Code Section 43-40-29.

We HATE that inactive agents, with the ability to have their license Active are even at risk for this fine!  In an effort to prevent this from happening to you, we created a brokerage that can keep your license ACTIVE , for a one-time setup fee of $99 and $399 annually fee so you can continue to engaged in Real Estate with an 80/20 split!   When you re-activate your Georgia Real Estate License from inactive  to active status with us, you can continue your Real Estate career and regain your ability to work deals and collect a FULL commission or referral fees in the process!

Q: How long does it take to activate or transfer my Georgia Real Estate License to you?

Simply fill out the online enrollment form, pay the $399 annual fee  on the 80/20 plan and we will receive your request.  Once we receive your request and receipt of the paid fee, we will activate your license within 24 -48 hours unless the board requires more information from you.  At that point, we will email you additional forms to sign.

Q: Can I start working right after the transfer of my Georgia real estate license?

Yes, you may begin marketing yourself for success only AFTER you are registered under our brokerage  at the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  You will also be signed up for the FMLS at no cost to you and have access to the state forms as well.

Q: Is your $99 setup fee required when I register with you?

The $99 registration fee is required when you initially register on our monthly plan.   The fee is non-refundable even if you should decide to leave to another brokerage.  We reserve the right to add different plans at a later date.  Georgia State licensing renewal fees including continuing education requirements are not included with this fee.  No other hidden fees are REQUIRED except FMLS fees when you close a deal listed on the FMLS.  

Q: What is the typical referral fee I can earn referring business?

The industry's standard referral fee is usually 25% of the gross commission earned by the brokerage you referred the customer to when the transaction closes.  You are able to work any deal and have full access to the FMLS so you should probably work your own deals and get paid handsomely for it!

Q: Will I be able to use the Georgia Association of Realtor, (GAR) forms?

Yes and No.  GAR forms can only be used by its members so if they initiate a transaction with GAR forms, you are permitted to use theirs.  If you are working with an buyer  or seller, you may use the R.E. Forms available in FMLS for free.  You can also pay $279 directly to the Realtor Association to have access to use the GAR forms.

Q: How do I submit documents such as an referral agreement for a transaction?

You will be able to easily submit a documents for your transaction online 24/7 via REMINE.  This will permit us to review your required files or forms, agreements, etc. and communicate with you efficiently in order to stay compliant with Georgia law.

Q: Where do I deposit escrow funds?

We do not have an escrow account. DO NOT HANDLE MONEY ON THE COMPANY'S BEHALF!!!  Your clients will make deposits on a timely basis to a title company/escrow agent or an attorney of their choice on a timely basis as required by Georgia Law.

Q: Will I get my commission paid at closing?

You will need to provide to our brokerage a complete closing package and the closing agent’s information 48 hours prior to closing and we’ll request and authorize them to execute a direct disbursement of your commission to you at closing. So yes, in most cases you will get paid at closing. If for some reason this is not possible, we’ll pay you via e-check within 3 working days of our brokerage commission having been received and funds have cleared.

Q: How can I get my business cards to start marketing myself?

You will have access to our logos online via our Agent Secure Member's area on this site. You can design, order your business cards and marketing materials from any online printing company like Just upload our logo and personalize your card or marketing materials including real estate signs. 

Q: Can I receive a commission on my own personal transaction?

Yes, you will receive 80% commission as well on your own transaction. Remember to disclose to the other party in writing that you are a licensed real estate sales associate as required by law.

Q: Do you provide prospect leads?

Generally, no. However, if we acquire a lead, it may be considered for assignment to an associate who we feel can best handle the lead according to the city and area. If you receive a lead notification via email, please reply immediately letting us know that you accept or reject the lead and that you will contact prospect immediately. If the lead is rejected, we’ll try to assign it to another associate immediately.

Q; Do you have any sales quotas or any other requirements?

No, you decide when you want to work as there are no transaction quotas and you set your own goals for success. Besides having a valid  Real Estate license and joining our brokerage online by submitting the required membership fee; you are legally required by law to abide and respect Georgia Law and to conduct honest activity and protect your client’s best interest above all.

Q: Do I get to keep any listings I have with you if I leave your brokerage?

Yes, we operate as a non-compete broker and you may keep your clients and listings if you decide for some reason to leave our brokerage, unless a listing is on Pending Status.

Q: What if I have additional questions and or need help?

You can contact us via our site’s contact form or directly online via our Agent Secure Member's area or page once you have transferred your license to work with us.