Marcus Clark

Head Broker

Shirma Prescott-Clark

Chief Financial Officer

B. Clark

Chief Motivational Officer

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Founded in October 2012, we are a family owned, boutique brokerage that believes in the power of working together.  After years of listing, buying, and selling homes ourselves, we have decided to open our brokerage to qualified agents with a like-minded love for Real Estate.  We believe that our members will benefit greatly from our openness to allow a wide range of transactions and willingness to share the wealth!  We are  seeking agents that want to grow their Real Estate business and take it to the next level.  

We started in this business as wholesalers/investors, then moved to becoming licensed and now own our brokerage.  We know pretty much every aspect there is when it comes to residential Real Estate.  We invite agents from all disciplines.  If you want to list, you have a place here.  Work with buyers only, come aboard.  If you want to wholesale and flip your own deals, it is your business.  As long as it is ethical and legal within the laws of Georgia, we support it!  Our agents are our first priority so join us today and let’s make memories together! 

"Individually we are a drop. Together we are an ocean."

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